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People like you!

If you are like many of the folks I work with I work with you are the “it’s up to me” leader in your family or community. You know, the “it lands on my shoulders” sister or leader. Time and time again people depend on you. You have seen what a “bad death” can look like and you know you want better.

I bet you are open to new things and generally have a positive outlook for the future.  You can take care of yourself and support others. You are probably goal centered, even if you do procrastinate sometimes.

You know death doesn’t only happen to older people. You get that you need more than a will. You have likely avoided the issue, thinking it was scary or morose. Maybe you tried a DIY approach or filled out some forms online that you probably never signed.

Most of you are quirky oddballs – me too. You buck tradition. People meet you and marvel at the life you have created for yourself, full of activities and hobbies where you can really express yourself. Perhaps you are an artist, entrepreneur, global traveler, or dedicated volunteer. Many of my clients are.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Most importantly, you are healthy, or at least healthy-ish. You believe you have DECADES of life left.

I want to help you focus on those living years, by planning for the end of those years.

You can:

  • Refocus your life by creating clarity about its end.
  • Create a clear plan to communicate your wishes and celebrate your uniqueness.
  • LIVE every day.

Rather than going through the motions of life, avoiding death, and ignoring the risks you will have a greater daily purpose, appreciate each day you are alive, and you will be prepared for “the bus”.

Rather than unrealistic and unfulfilled dreams, hopes, and wishes you will have vision, purpose, and a plan on how not only to die – but how to live.

Want to be scared into making a plan?  Go ahead. Click it.

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