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“As someone who has worked theatrical shows for 25 plus years, the best shows are the ones that are planned meticulously in advance where alternatives are discussed in advance and all parties involved know the wishes of the director. Individuals can then do what is needed when that director is no longer involved. The right decisions are made because they have been discussed in advance or, at least, the reasoning behind decisions has been discussed. End-of-Life decisions can obviously be looked at in the same fashion. It’s much easier for friends and family to follow through with wishes if they have been clearly and kindly shared and expressed.”  – EJ E.

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“Wow. I learned so much about roles, documents, options and more. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about dying! Death was explored as a topic of curiosity. Kel presented the material in digestible chunks. It didn’t’ feel overwhelming, and it was interesting and inspiriting.

The class has connected me with new parts of myself. The most difficult topics brought about a lot of inner growth, awareness and opportunity.  Because of this class I am seeing a variety of things differently. I feel like I have a better relationship with death then I ever have before.” – LISA M.

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“We are never really just “gone”, we leave a legacy for others, figurative and literal–and it is our responsibility to leave as much information for those that care for us as possible. How comforting to you and your loved ones would it be that they would have signed documents available that specified what was to happen to your body, belongings, and a ceremony of fife service?

Clearly Depart’s “Death Changing Experience” provided me with the tools I needed to make informed decisions about how others can handle life after my death. It reinforced the importance of having the proper documents in place for peace of mind.” – JEN M.

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“Now I know the real importance of leaving behind a clear set of directions on how and where to find things, and how that can be a very real GIFT to my survivors. I was relieved to find that there is an existing framework in place that will let me communicate my wishes clearly about how and how quickly I want to die when it comes to that.  

While people need to be prepared to get out of it what they put into it, The Death Changing Experience was a very useful experience for me. It was a non-threateningway to start thinking about the issues around dying and having conversations with loved ones.” – KATIE T.

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“This has been a thoughtful and thought provoking experience. Are my first inclinations really how I want things, deep inside? Have I stopped for a moment and considered other possibilities?

I’ve gotten a big decision started, and documented. I feel relieved that my children and relatives won’t have the burden of not really knowing how to proceed. I feel reassured that they will have time and space to grieve and find acceptance.

This workshop will give you all the tools you need to help you make some difficult decisions in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. It helps take a very large and emotional subject, and break it down into small, easy to navigate sessions. It doesn’t tell you what or how to do things or make decisions for you, instead, it gives you the means to make those (and some things you probably hadn’t considered) determinations yourself.” – NORA L.

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