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You already provide great service to your clients. You support, educate, and prepare them for death.

I want to help you update and polish those skills to amaze your clients.

You need the facts, helpful forms, and financial data. You want to communicate, connect, and clarify. Healthcare, therapy, deathcare, financial planning, counseling, education, spiritual, or legal professionals all need updates on the variety of options and innovations for end of life medical care, body disposition, funeral/celebration of life, financial issues, and legacy.

You want to give the best services you can.

I’m here to lend a helping hand. I offer engaging and interactive programs to help you provide options to your clients and patients that reflect their personalities and values.

Surprisingly funny, Clearly Depart’s Death Changing Experiences are energetic and even a little quirky, because I want to give vibrant professionals a helpful and lively experience in their day.

I’ve been an education and training professional for over 30 years.

I  have endured crappy trainings. I hate being read to. I don’t like lectures. Wordy PowerPoint slides make me mad.

I need to practice what I learn. I want to learn from everyone in the room, not just the person up front. Tools that help me remember what I learned are essential to me.

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My experience and responsibilities need to be respected.  The information needs to meet my goals and have purpose for me. Trainers need to give me concrete examples not theories and platitudes.

So that’s the way I design trainings – informative, entertaining, visual, and practical.

Let’s get you up to date on innovative body disposition methods and clear on creative options for meaningful memorials. I’ll keep you prepared with guidelines and tools to keep the knowledge at your fingertips when you need it and ready to get your clients to do more planning to ease the burden on surviving family.

Interested in learning more? Check out our death changing experiences!

Our parting from this mortal coil is inevitable; and we can, with a simple amount of planning, leave a blueprint as simple or detailed as we wish for our loved ones to navigate their way through logistical aspects of death so they are not grieving and stressed with financial and material remnants of our passing.

Jen M.

Consideration of death is an important part of living.

Nora L.

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