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Now now, this isn’t a blog about a list of people you want to have sex with or where, though I can understand why you might think this past sex educator would be talking about that. Nope, this time let’s talk about things you are no longer going to tolerate in this new life focused plan you are on.

We all have to endure little issues in life. There are however ones we can avoid or at least reduce. Take a moment. Grab a sheet of paper and write down all the things that bring you down, make you sad, take up your energy, lose your focus, raise your anger, madden your mind, or just plain suck. It’ll be a heavy list. Then figure out how to move past it. Do live the best you can.

Here are a few ideas that might resonate with you:

  • Spend less time with people who make you feel emotionally or physically drained after you have been with them.
  • Barter with a friend who hates baking, gardening, or painting but is good on a ladder to get gutter cleaning off your list.
  • Get rid of all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit or you don’t love or need. Getting dressed should be fun.
  • Hire help to do the dishes, laundry, or housecleaning and spend your time doing what makes you smile.
  • Figure out a new career path with opportunity and quit that job you really hate.
  • Tired of being too heavy or thin? Either dump the societal pressure and be you or kick into gear and become who you want to be.
  • Live alone or find a new roommate rather than endure that mess your roommate leaves in the bathroom one more day.
  • Cut out the road rage and take public transit. Use a trick that a friend shared with me, when someone cuts you off in traffic just say to yourself, “They are obviously more important than I am.” It has amazing abilities to help you let go.
  • Break up or divorce the person you no longer love or who treats you poorly. They really aren’t worth it.
  • If you have kids, leaving allows you to model that being alone is better than being with someone who isn’t good for you.
  • And a mantra for me, “Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes”.

Create the list, find a new plan, and say “FUCK IT” to this shit in your life you don’t need to endure anymore.

Oh, and on second though…maybe another “Fuck-It List” is a good idea. I mean heck you only live once. If you wanna have sex on a train, in the rain, or with someone named Jaine. Make a plan!

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