Fear of the Bad Death

Fear of the Bad Death 2019-10-15T21:30:30-04:00

Death can be bad.

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Seriously, it can go horrendously bad. 

People get hooked up to machines for months, even years, because they left their health care to chance or in the hands of the wrong people.

Decisions fed by conflicting or disjointed medical advice, can become a heavy burden on family. When driven by guilt or hopes for a miracle, those hard decisions frequently lead to an extended and lingering death rather than more life.

Families are regularly overwhelmed by challenging decisions and confusing paperwork, and are forced to wonder what the person would have wanted.

A family might cremate their loved one, not knowing they wanted to be buried or vice versa.

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Families in many cases suffer when making decisions about funerals because of ignorance or guilt. It is easy to spend too much money while going through undue stress.

Lame, cookie-cutter funerals are led by people who didn’t even know the person who died. They give a poor representation of their life and don’t come close to expressing their ethics or personality.

States and hated family members end up with assets they didn’t deserve.

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Kids go to foster care or into the hands of a dreaded family member.

Pets go to the shelter and, sadly, are commonly euthanized.

Cherished items, like heirlooms or valuables, end up at Goodwill or in the trash.

Bank accounts are cleared out because of identity theft before the family even looks.

Some people are simply forgotten, their values and memories gone too soon.

Like I said, horrendously bad. 

Our parting from this mortal coil is inevitable; and we can, with a simple amount of planning, leave a blueprint as simple or detailed as we wish for our loved ones to navigate their way through logistical aspects of death so they are not grieving and stressed with financial and material remnants of our passing. – Jen M.

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You likely knew all that.

And I bet you have some guilt your plan isn’t done.

But you dread the task, yet, you worry about your family and fear the wrong things would happen to you.

You know you need to do “something,” but don’t know what to do or don’t have enough information to make clear decisions.

You can do this.

Let the weight be taken off your shoulders. Relax in the comfort you won’t burden your family. Be confident you will get the care and legacy you want. Be clear knowing you got expert information and guidance.

You will have the tools to break through the paper-walls of resistance and talk to friends and family about your death and more importantly your wishes.

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You will feel better now and avoid unnecessary pain or suffering later. Feel safe by getting some control of your death.

Learn more than people who “just go to their lawyer.” Save money, and get clarity.

And yeah, be trendy too. Upstream death planning (doing it before you need it) is what all the cool kids are doing. Be a leader. And be in charge of your care and legacy.

You can leave a clear plan for your family so they don’t have to wonder what you would’ve wanted and instead can focus on what you meant to them.

Consideration of death is an important part of living. – Nora L.

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