Family Regrets Suck

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Every week (sometimes daily) I hear a story of someone who died. Often times it is followed by regret. Regret that a needed talk never happened and the living person was left wishing, they had said something before it was “too late”.

This week may be a great opportunity for you. If you are gathering with family, you have a chance to deal with lingering family drama and guilt. An opening to push through the years of issues and poor communication.

It is a moment we can act on – to live life with less of a burden about the conversations we should have had, the “I love you” we should have said, and even the clear expression of disappointment and anger about the past so we can move forward.

Each year we only get 52 weekends. Each summer only 13! And even less “holiday weekends” with family.

I encourage each of you with a family issue you’ve not addressed to plan for this weekend. To consider how you can best communicate, express your feelings, and find a way to rebuild.

It may not be easy. It may even be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But it will be done. We only get so many chances.

If all feels good in your family, first of CONGRATS that is great news. This weekend you can talk about not only what you are thankful for but also what makes life worth living. Maybe you can share ideas on how your family can support each other to do more of those things that make us feel alive. Either way, a little realization that death is the end result for us all can make this a holiday worth living. Let’s be thankful for the lives we can live.

Now, pass those sweet potatoes!

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