Death Changing Experiences

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Clear, easy to follow programs that explore death
and foster a new focus on living.

No matter what your need, audience, or format, I offer proven experience to exceed your expectations. In my professional experience, I have delivered keynotes for hundreds (including a TEDx talk), led weeklong retreats, facilitated workshops at professional conferences, trained healthcare staff on social issues, led global corporations’ efforts to meet their staff’s wellness needs, facilitated small group discussions on personal issues, provided online training across state and global borders, and supported individuals in intense one-on-one sessions. Let me amaze you!


The Death Changing Experience

The Death Changing Experience is filled with joy, support, energy and a few wacky ideas. You will get clear directions on the process and all the information you need.  Together we will consider your unique personal values and circumstances to plan for ethical health care, a unique memorial, security for your family and a values-based legacy plan.

Easy to follow clarity tools inform your decisions based on your ethics and personality. The Death Changing Experience is time flexible – you can craft a quality plan for your loved ones during a power weekend or leisurely over a few months.

Exploration Guides for each topic, including journaling questions, resource lists, activities, curated book lists, and expert interviews, suggest in-depth opportunities to learn more about what’s interesting to you. Most importantly, you get one-on-one support and guidance from me along every step of the process. Together, either in person or via technology, we will craft a customized plan to express the REAL YOU.

Let me walk you through the process, provide the facts you need to know, give you options and alternatives to consider, and the forms you need to get it done.

Do It Day

Ready to get the basics done fast in just one afternoon? Are you interested as long as you don’t have to share with strangers or be in a group setting? Do It Day is a private program you can complete without leaving home.  A Life Audit will help you prepare for our afternoon together. The speedy mini-educational sessions inform and prepare you for your solo writing sessions. Get all the basics documented, including your wishes for your health care, funeral, body, possessions, people, and pets, along with your designated representatives.

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Do It Day: Small Group Retreats

A lively single-day workshops create a fun and productive environment to nurture a concentrated planning session. An expedient and achievable approach includes informative mini-educational sessions before each in-person work session. Create your plan for ethical health care, a unique memorial, security for your family and friends, as well as a values-based legacy by attending this engaging series of three workshops or pick and choose.  All of your wishes will be informed, clearly defined, printed, and signed before you leave the room.


Obits and Bucket Lists

What if you wrote your own obituary? Would it change your life? Join us to examine key moments in your life through small conversations and writing exercises as we explore how to define your life in words. You will get to check out unique obituaries, reduce your risk of identity theft after death, and draft your obituary. After reflecting backwards, we shift to the future to make plans to live life more fully to create the obituary we really want.

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BEFORE I DIE FESTIVAL: LEADERSHIP AND TOOLKITS                                 

Experience, templates, coordination, and an established system come together to create a Before I Die Festival custom tailored to your community’s needs, resources, and experts. Community building, project coordination, and tools to pull it all together. Let the Lively Death Lady make your event production effective and informative.

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With a positive and upbeat tone, I’m going to encourage you to strive to create the best obituary. Personal mini-exercises for your group will identify how we feel most alive and connected. Quick anecdotes about dying will help you shift ideas and focus your life plans. By exploring the end we are more likely to learn, connect, and grow. To fully live life.

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Many of us make efforts to be more “green” and cause less impact to nature through recycling, eating responsibly, reducing car trips, using less water, and overall reducing our carbon impact. Our commitment to the environment can continue after our death.

This session will offer a review of currently available environmentally friendly options. Explore green ceremonies, review low-impact disposition options, and define bequests and legacies to further your values. You can reduce your impact – and potentially give back – even in death.


Full of introspective questioning, the “Think it Over” program explores your opinions, ethics, and values as you explore the idea of your own death. This opportunity allows awareness of emotions and beliefs rather than distracting ourselves by examining distancing facts. Along the way, we will clarify fears and hopes, examine legacies, and create a celebration of life.

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When your company is hosting opportunities for your staff to learn more about their health consider including the final stage of the life-cycle. A healthy attitude toward death and a clearly established and communicated end of life plan are key elements of anyone’s health plan. You can support your group by giving them information and resources to support them in crafting an end of life and legacy plan. Topics include:

  • Trusted Trinity: Choosing Your Representatives
  • Financial Planning for the End
  • Departing with Grace
  • Preparing for Health Care Needs
  • Body Disposition
  • Planning Your Remembrance
  • Possessions, People & Pets
  • Altruistic Legacy

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Move beyond the basics to be able to provide the most informed care for your clients. Designed for healthcare, therapy, deathcare, financial planning, counseling, education, spiritual, and legal professionals and volunteers. You will explore new options and technologies for body disposition, find joy in unique celebrations, and explore tools to support conversations among clients and their families. Topics include:

  • Power of Communication and Documentation
  • Trusted Trinity: Choosing Representatives and State Documentation
  • Creating Unique Memorials
  • ABCDEs of Body Disposition
  • People, Possessions, and Pets: Caring for your loves when you are gone
  • Overexposed Obituaries: How to create powerful tributes with less risk
  • Death in Cyberspace: Files, passwords, and social media

Custom programming is also available.

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Let’s just break the ice. Together we can get your friends talking. And I bet your friends won’t stop once they get going! These regularly silly but always touching nights are about just you and your friends, comfortable in your home. We will enjoy a drink or two to break the ice, then engage in stimulating conversations and activities about funerals and your legacy. A unique alternative to brunch or a girls’ night out.

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Connecting to Your Death: Wooded Retreat

Two days of contemplation, introspective exercises, engaging conversation, and acceptance.

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Please send me Expiration Inspirations, semi-monthly musings about death and dying written with folks like you in mind – intrigued by death but in no rush. Cool perspectives, interesting news, strange stories, and updates on programs can be found in each edition.