Death and Taxes

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Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes – Benjamin Franklin

Except some people have figured out how to evade taxes – Kel McBride

Taxes give us the opportunity annually to look back at our financial life. When we compare year after year the shifts and changes in our income give a perspective on our lives. The government forces us to have this relationship with this aspect of our history. To look back to our broader history in this world and our relationship with our full life it often takes the death of someone else or a personal brush with death to force us to confront our own mortality

These experiences make us look back and truly consider:

What has my life meant to me? To others? What will I be remembered for doing or being?

Have a lived the life I wanted to live?

As the Lively Death Lady, I want to act as a much less dangerous brush with death and encourage you to reflect on these questions. Now. Because now is when you can make changes if you don’t like the answers you come up with. You can control your life path when you take the time and effort to truly contemplate the meaning of your life.

Last year around this time I was fortunate enough to host a TEDx Salon called “Death and Taxes”. Together we watched shorter TED talks about death and dying then I facilitated discussion afterward. It was a great chance for people to look at aspects of death and what it meant to them. I love this powerful trio of talks selected from that evening. Please give them a considered viewing and think about how their thoughts make you feel and what they are encouraging you to do. A few questions follow each link to help guide your thoughts if you are interested.

After Your Final Status Update (5:29)

Adam Ostrow: journalist


How many posts do you make on FB monthly?

Do you have friends on FB that are already dead?

What if we could upload our mind into a computer?


Ric Elias: passenger


Are there “life slogans” you use?

What would your only wish be?

And my favorite:

“AM I DYING?” THE HONEST ANSWER (5:37) Matthew O’Reilly: HCP


Would you want to know if you are dying? Why do you think people believe they shouldn’t tell someone?

So while you might be in a hurried state filling out forms, finding receipts, and adding the numbers this week – remember you can depend on death and taxes. Personally, I filled an extension. I hope I can experience that with life too.

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