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Coffin Club

By | May 17th, 2018|

Photo Credit: Pixabay I am loving the work happening in New Zealand. Coffin Clubs are starting up in lots of cities to allow for “lovely and affordable” coffins. Yep, you can use your own coffin. You don’t have to buy one at the funeral home. I’d love [...]

I’m A Death Nerd

By | May 8th, 2018|

Photo Credit: Pixabay I just spent a great week in Portland, Oregon. I took the opportunity to check off a bucket list item and rode the Empire Builder train across the northern US to get there. A truly epic journey filled with snowy mountains, spring melt filled [...]

Death and Taxes

By | March 14th, 2018|

Photo Credit: Pixabay Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes - Benjamin Franklin Except some people have figured out how to evade taxes – Kel McBride Taxes give us the opportunity annually to look back at our financial life. When we compare year after year [...]

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