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Before I became the “Lively Death Lady”, I had 25 years’ experience supporting and educating people about the challenging, emotion-filled topics of birth and sex – for a multinational corporation and a non-profit organization, and as an academic and independent.

So yeah, I’m really a life-cycle educator, completing the circle now as a death and dying educator.

I keep up-to-date on trends, innovative processes, and environmentally-friendly options.

I really dig attending and presenting at conferences, reading journals, and asking questions of those smarter than me – including enlightening interviews with over 100 professionals about death and dying.

Dying to know more about this Lively Death Lady? Here are a few videos to show you who I fully am.

A little bit of info about the work that I do

The story that helped lead me to the work I do

The story that helped lead me to the work I do

Expiration Inspirations


Please send me Expiration Inspirations, semi-monthly musings about death and dying written with folks like you in mind – intrigued by death but in no rush. Cool perspectives, interesting news, strange stories, and updates on programs can be found in each edition.