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Creative Cremains: Free Factsheet!


Cremains are the ashes left over after a body is cremated – the cremation remains.
Urns, scattering, and mausoleums are common methods of storing or interring cremains.
Creative Cremains factsheet details inspirational and quirky ideas, modern technologies,
and unique options for cremains available today.

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You can prepare for death without being eager for it.

Personal Support

Death education for younger, healthy people 


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Death training for healthcare, therapy, deathcare, financial planning, counseling, education, spiritual, and legal professionals



Wine and Dogs

September 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

FINDING THE JOY Happiness and the search for it has been a huge trend in self-development books for the last few years. Gretchen Rubin’s #1 New York Times bestseller, The Happiness Project got people everywhere thinking about how to bring greater happiness in their lives. We’ve also learned that the happier we are that those we are close to get a little happier too. I’d like to encourage you [...]

The Proverbial Bus and When We Actually Die

August 7th, 2019|0 Comments

Photo Credit: Pixabay You know the one, “I could get hit by a bus tomorrow”. Folks often talk about that bus but generally it is with a laugh or an unsaid “as if”. Yet if we take a moment, inside we do know that life is fragile and it wouldn’t take much to whisk us away from the living. Our minds though have an amazing ability to [...]

Thesaurus of Death

July 15th, 2019|0 Comments

The Oxford English Dictionary includes more than 829,000 words, adding more every year. This year mansplain and hangry were included. Two fine additions in my eyes. Very clear words to express a condition we’ve known about for years but didn’t have the right words for. When it comes to death and dying we often seem to be hunting for the “right words” but more often than not the simple [...]

The Lively Death Lady


Before I became the “Lively Death Lady”, I had 25 years’ experience supporting and educating people about the challenging, emotion-filled topics of birth and sex – for a multinational corporation and a non-profit organization, and as an academic and independent.  So yeah, I’m really a life-cycle educator, completing the circle now as a death and dying educator.

I keep up-to-date on trends, innovative processes, and environmentally-friendly options. I really dig attending and presenting at conferences, reading journals, and asking questions of those smarter than me – including enlightening interviews with over 100 professionals about death and dying.




“We are never really just “gone”, we leave a legacy for others, figurative and literal–and it is our responsibility to leave as much information for those that care for us as possible. How comforting to you and your loved ones would it be that they would have signed documents available that specified what was to happen to your body, belongings, and a ceremony of life service?

Clearly Depart’s “Death Changing Experience” provided me with the tools I needed to make informed decisions about how others can handle life after my death.  It reinforced the importance of having the proper documents in place for peace of mind.”

Jen M.
“Now I know the real importance of leaving behind a clear set of directions on how and where to find things, and how that can be a very real GIFT to my survivors.  I was relieved to find that there is an existing framework in place that will let me communicate my wishes clearly about how and how quickly I want to die when it comes to that.  

While people need to be prepared to get out of it what they put into it, The Death Changing Experience was a very useful experience for me. It was a non-threatening way to start thinking about the issues around dying and having conversations with loved ones.”

Katie T.

Expiration Inspirations


Please send me Expiration Inspirations, semi-monthly musings about death and dying written with folks like you in mind – intrigued by death but in no rush. Cool perspectives, interesting news, strange stories, and updates on programs can be found in each edition.